Private 17th Infantry Regiment, 32th Infantry Division, Red Army, 1941

The 41th issue of the Soviet military magazine “Sergeant” featured a 1:1 reconstruction of a Private of theĀ 17th Infantry Regiment, 32th Infantry Division in the autumn of 1941. The article is not intended… Continue reading

Red Army NCO, Victory at Stalingrad

Red Army infantryman – Summer campaign, Eastern front

Soviet WW2 paintings

This site has a wonderful collection of poignant Soviet WW2 war paintings.  

Painting Vasili Zaitsev

I have been getting many requests for my method of painting headsculpts and thought it would be nice to tie in this article with my Russian sniper ace Vasili Zaitsev project. There are… Continue reading

US Marine, Battle of Okinawa 1945, WW2

Project completed. This is a Marine as I envisioned mentally gearing himself up for the inland assault on the island of Okinawa. After 82 days, 12,281 Americans and 110,000 Japanese would be killed… Continue reading

WW2 US tank crewman, D-Day, June 1944

Completed project. Updated 18.09.10 Dragon’s US 3rd Armored Division tank crewman Staff SergeantĀ ‘Mac” upgraded with accessories by Battlegear Toys, DiD and Soldier Story.

Faces of War

Without a doubt, painting headsculpts is often greatly improved when one refers to visual references. With the right contextual reference images, the various painting techniques all come together to serve a purpose –… Continue reading

Visiting the Inimitable Mr. Barton

What would a Summer holiday be in England without meeting up with Tony Barton?

French Foreign Legion Paratroop – Voltigeur, 1erREP, Algeria, 1958

“It sounds good but I don’t see any rough stuff anymore. The Legion is soft today. Yeah, in the old days you signed up, and that was it for five years. Off to… Continue reading