Painting & texturising headsculpts – Fast-track

A good headsculpt is wonderful to work on, and I found Dragon’s 2001 Fallschirmjager ‘Werner Hesse” a delight. My reason for saying this is because to me, it captures the persona of a… Continue reading

Work-in-progress: Fallschirmjager Crete. Interim images

Some test shots…

Work-in-progress Part 2 Fallschirmjager Crete: Equipment belt & kit, MP40 repaint

I seem to be working all over the place with this project! There’s quite a few things to be done, namely: weathering the kit – leather waist belt, breadbag, canteen and mess-tin; improving… Continue reading

Work-in-progress Part 1 Fallschirmjager Crete: Headsculpt repaint/helmet straps/neck remodelled

For this project, I will attempt to give a step-by-step (well, almost) account of how I realise this figure; that being a German paratrooper – Fallschirmjager – during the 1941 campaign in Crete.… Continue reading

Otto Skorzeny – Portrait

SS-Sturmbannf├╝hrer Otto Skorzeny was the most colourful and the most famous Waffen SS commander during WW2. His daring rescue of Mussolini from Gran Sasso made him world famous and his subsequent missions during… Continue reading

The Souvenir Hunter – US Marine, Pacific Campaign, WW2

Red Army Guardsman, Eastern Front, WW2

Red Army Snipers, Eastern Front, WW2

Blast from the Past!

A request for a figure from the past! This figure with scratchbuilt uniform and cloak was of Sir Charles Russell, of the Grenadier Guards, and was based on the illustration by Douglas N.… Continue reading

WW2 reenactment, Soviet-style!

While researching (internet-trawling!) for WW2 Red Army references, I came across these reenactment articles which I thought would be of great interest for those who are working on their WW2 Red Army figure… Continue reading