Blast from the Past: Beach Red fotostories (2002)

How time flies… 10 years in fact… when you’re having so much fun! Click on image for fotostories’ links. Advertisements

Blast from the Past – Project Tarawa photostories 2002

Managed to find my old website with links to fotostories – done in 2002 with Ron Escudero, JD Finney, Tim Kano, Heath Hammond, Pete Mallett and Gerard Teo! Click on the picture for… Continue reading

Malayan Scouts SAS 1950’s – Blast from the Past Project: July 2006

During the Malaya Emergency, the British Army witnessed the rebirth of a very specialized unit, the SAS. Disbanded shortly after the end of the Second World War, the specialists of the SAS returned… Continue reading

Saving Private Ryan – Cpt John H. Miller (Tom Hanks)

Saving Private Ryan – Pfc James Ryan (Matt Damon)

The 1998 award-winning movie “Saving Private Ryan“, tells the story of finding and retrieving one man: Private James Ryan. Director Steven Spielberg’s film follows a group of American soldiers led by Captain Miller (Tom Hanks)… Continue reading

Saving Private Ryan: Pfc Adrian Caparzo (Vin Diesel)

The 1998 war movie Saving Private Ryan by American screenwriter Robert Rodat, is very loosely based on the real-life case of Sgt. Frederick Niland; who was sent back to New York to complete… Continue reading

Beware the Wolves!

The Summer of 1944 saw a vicious war fought in Normandy, a peaceful land of rich green pastures and orchards; of castles, cathedrals, villages and medieval towns. In 1944, Normandy with its picturesque landscape… Continue reading

Fallschirmjager, Italy, 1944

Fallschirmjager Tankbusters- Normandy 1944

While working on this ‘Battle of the Hedgegrows’ project, the thought of a duo of Fallschirmjager tankbusters armed with Panzerfaust 30s crossed my mind, necessitating the kitbashing of another Fallschirmjager; gathering the necessary… Continue reading

Fallschirmjager – Eastern Front, Ukraine 1943