Saving Private Ryan – Pfc Reibens (Edward Burns)

Dragon/CyberHobby’s US Ranger BAR Gunner – Richie – certainly makes for a remarkable realisation of the outspoken Private Richard Reiben (Edward Burns) in Steven Speilberg’s war movie, Saving Private Ryan. I felt a… Continue reading

US Marine Scout Sniper Team, Task Force Tarawa, Battle of Nasiriyah, Iraq, 2003

Rifleman, 1st Battalion Staffordshire Regiment, Desert Storm, Gulf War 1, Iraq 1991

2012 Redux US Marine, Force Tarawa – Battle of Nasiriyah, 2003

“God, I hate this … place. Let’s get the hell out of here.”

The Telegraph 2011 Army Photographic Competition Awards

Some selected images from The telegraph 2011 Army Photographic Competition. See the full selection here

Naval Diver, Naval Diving Unit, Republic of Singapore Navy, 2011

The Republic of Singapore Navy’s elite Naval Diving Unit (NDU) is a Special Forces unit and is known as one of the toughest units in the Singapore Armed Forces. The unit is tasked in commando-type warfare,… Continue reading

Private, 5 Singapore Infantry Regiment, Exercise Bersatu Padu 1970

The 1960s, when absurdly wide hems were fashionable and the world madly idolised the Beatles, was a turbulent period in the history of Singapore. Independence in 1965 was achieved in a background of… Continue reading

How Israel built the Singapore Army

A deep, dark, secret love affair A team of IDF officers, known as the `Mexicans,’ helped Singapore establish an army. It was the start of a very special relationship. By Amnon Barzilai Christmas… Continue reading

Saving the Saving Private Ryan Project

The sarge has joined the squad! Capt. John H. Miller (Tom Hanks) Pfc James Ryan (Matt Damon) Pfc Adriano Carparzo (Vin Diesel) Sergeant Horvath (Tom Sizemore) Pfc Reiben (Edward Burns) Pfc Jackson (Barry… Continue reading

Blast from the Past: French Foreign Legion Paratroop – Voltigeur, 1erREP, Algeria, 1958