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Blast from the Past: French Foreign Legion Paratroop – Voltigeur, 1erREP, Algeria, 1958


Blast from the Past: Beach Red fotostories (2002)

How time flies… 10 years in fact… when you’re having so much fun! Click on image for fotostories’ links.

Blast from the Past – Project Tarawa photostories 2002

Managed to find my old website with links to fotostories – done in 2002 with Ron Escudero, JD Finney, Tim Kano, Heath Hammond, Pete Mallett and Gerard Teo! Click on the picture for… Continue reading

Malayan Scouts SAS 1950’s – Blast from the Past Project: July 2006

During the Malaya Emergency, the British Army witnessed the rebirth of a very specialized unit, the SAS. Disbanded shortly after the end of the Second World War, the specialists of the SAS returned… Continue reading

Blast from the Past!

A request for a figure from the past! This figure with scratchbuilt uniform and cloak was of Sir Charles Russell, of the Grenadier Guards, and was based on the illustration by Douglas N.… Continue reading

French Foreign Legion Paratroop – Voltigeur, 1erREP, Algeria, 1958

“It sounds good but I don’t see any rough stuff anymore. The Legion is soft today. Yeah, in the old days you signed up, and that was it for five years. Off to… Continue reading

Imperial Roman Legionary, 150 AD

This Imperial Roman legionaire, performing sentry duty, is equipped with scratchbuilt items made from leather, various types of cardboard, sculpy, milliput, sheet metal – tin and brass – and adhesive gold foil. The… Continue reading