SAS Scudhunter – Gulf War 1990

This SAS trooper, on scudhunting operations in Iraq in 1990 carefully scans the horizon for enemy activity, his food, and heavy gear carried on board fast attack vehicles. The SAS made effective use of two versions of attack vehicles - the Longline Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) and an updated version of the long-lived "Pink Panther" Land Rover. For desert operations, the SAS prefers a pink paint scheme – these vehicles are then known colloquially as ‘Pink Panthers’. Both vehicles were designed to carry heavy loads, including two or three fully-equipped soldiers, food, water, ammunition, extra fuel and a wide variety of weapons (up to six Milan or TOW anti-tank missiles, and a mount for a 40mm grenade launcher, 30mm cannon or .50 caliber heavy machine gun). One persistent but unverified report from the Gulf War recounted that a single LSV carried 12 SAS troopers and their gear during one such operation.

Save for the goggles, shemagh, DML desert camo pants and boots; everything thing else is original 21st Century.

Back view shows the original sculpted pouches and respirator pouch. These have been repainted.

The lightweight, compact, breech loading, pump action, M203 40mm Grenade Launcher is used while attached to an M16A2 5.56mm rifle. Here, the original 21st Century weapon has been repainted, weathered and restrapped.

This British SAS Scudhunter figure was kit-bashed for the fabulous One Sixth Warrior Forum Bring 21C into the 21st Century!  group bash.

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