Project update on some of my favorite Western characters – Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) in True Grit has been completed and the pixs are uploaded. Apaloosa’s Virgil Cole (Ed Harris) besides needing a slimmer body had his headsculpt repainted. Everett Hitch is standing pretty with his shotgun and now Ned Pepper joins the trio. The Duke is slated to make an appearance soon… Stay tuned now.

Original headsculpt on the left. Repainted headsculpt on the right. For some reason the original headsculpt paint finish began ‘plasticizing’ – that terrible state of chemical reaction – the shine and stickiness is the last thing you want to see on your 1/6 figure.

Original unpainted Toy City headsculpt at far right. It’s an excellent headsculpt, however the paint application could have been better.

Everett Hitch (Viggo Mortensen) has his Peter Mile’s painted headsculpt dullcoted and pastel dusted and completed figure photos have been uploaded.

I can say the Rooster Cogburn figure looks pretty fine, he’s been padded up but only just enough. And I guess, you can’t have one Rooster without the Rooster that started it all… yeah, so I also have a John Wayne Rooster Cogburn in the works. In the meantime, for all you Western cowpokes, I hope you like the realisation of Bridges’ Rooster Cogburn.

There is also another character on the list, I won’t name him (haha!) but suffice to say, he’s had an earlier run-in with Rooster.

If you have anything to say, share or reflect on – I look forward to reading your comments!

Here’s snatches of quotes from both movies:

True Grit (2010)

After missing a shot on a bottle he threw up in the air.

Rooster Cogburn : “That Chinaman is running them cheap shells on me again.”
LaBoeuf : “I thought you gonna say the sun was in your eyes. That is to say, your Eye! “

Rooster Cogburn : “We’ll sleep here and follow in the morning.” 
Mattie Ross : “But we promised to bury the poor soul inside! “
Rooster Cogburn : “Ground’s too hard. If them men wanted a decent burial, they should have gotten themselves kilt in summer.” 

Appaloosa (2008)

After a shoot-out.
Everett Hitch : “That was quick.”
Virgil Cole : “Yeah, everybody could shoot.”