Saving Private Ryan – Pfc James Ryan (Matt Damon)

Head Play's Matt headsculpt put to good use in my realisation of Matt Damon's 'Screaming Eagle' paratrooper Pvt. James Ryan. The headsculpt portrays a leaner head with a grim, serious demeanour. The right side of the sculpt captures Damon's profile perfectly, however note that this is not the the youthful Damon as seen in Saving Private Ryan; rather one from The Bourne Identity trilogy, complete with gel-lifted hair fringe.

The headsculpt with modified hair - the hair fringe at the forehead was removed and scratchbuilt with putty.

The 1998 award-winning movie “Saving Private Ryan“, tells the story of finding and retrieving one man: Private James Ryan. Director Steven Spielberg’s film follows a group of American soldiers led by Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) who, shortly after the D-Day invasion of Normandy Beach, are sent on a public relations stunt to find and bring home a Private James Frances Ryan from Iowa (Matt Damon) whose three brothers have all been killed in battle, and whose mother is understandably wracked with grief. Not all of Miller’s men are extremely happy about this, especially outspoken Private Reiben (Edward Burns) and tough Private Caparzo (Vin Diesel).

As the men trek through Europe to find this Ryan, even Miller himself and his right-hand man, Sergeant Horvath (Tom Sizemore) begin to question what exactly it is that they’re doing out there. So what if Ryan has dead brothers? Some of the men reason that they too have brothers. Another brings up the fact that Ryan’s poor mother must be overwhelmed, but they also reason that, hey, they have mothers too, and they’re not getting a one-way ticket home from the horrors of the war. What has this Ryan done, other than being a cheap P.R. device, that allows him to deserve this?

The gear was is as close as I can get to that worn by Matt Damon; save for the elbow and knee patches which I left on the Paratrooper tunic and pants. Everything was extensively weathered with a multi-media mix of paint washes and pastels.

The subject of the film allows for a dissection of the comradery and brotherhood that the soldiers have for one another.

Matt plays paratrooper James Ryan, a fiercely loyal, young, and naive soldier, in this World War II drama. Ryan, is the youngest of four brothers and the last survivor. The others having been killed within days of one another. The military top brass in Washington, aware of the significant loss the boys’ mother has endured, order Hanks’ squad to bring her last remaining son back alive. The film was shot on location in England, Ireland and France.

Headsculpt  – Head Play – Matt, modified

Body – Dragon

Dragon US M1942 Para Uniform (George Goldman)

Soldier Story US M1C Airborne Helmet w/ Netting

Dragon First-Aid Pouch

Dragon US WWII Folding E Tool and Cloth Cover

Dragon US Canteen and Canteen holder

Dragon plastic Web-belt

DID Coccoran Boots

Dragon Rigger Ammo Pouches

Scratchbuilt Suspender Straps

Dragon Garand with BattleGear leather sling