Work-in-progress Part 2 Fallschirmjager Crete: Equipment belt & kit, MP40 repaint

I seem to be working all over the place with this project! There’s quite a few things to be done, namely: weathering the kit – leather waist belt, breadbag, canteen and mess-tin; improving upon the jump smock; leather boots substitution; puttying up the neck and wrist joints and improving on the finish of the MP40. Thank goodness FJs in the Crete invasion were lightly kitted out!

Equipment belt and accessories

Dragon's Gustav Bayer's Luftwaffe Equipment Belt with weathered breadbag, mess-tin, canteen, MP40 ammo pouch and repainted P08 Luger and holster. The substituted brown waist belt is a modified Soldier Story German FJ Belt.


The Dragon MP40 is given a weathering treatment and will have its black elastic strap replaced with a leather strap. The images below show just a few of the weathering/finish stages… actually there were more on account of the many mistakes I made!

After painstakingly reworking the metal paint finish with Tamiya's Weathering Master B (comprising of Snow, Soot, Rust colours) and C Set (comprising Orange Rust, Gun Metal, Silver), I realised that the 'aluminium' finish on the foregrip was not correct. As aluminium was a very scarce material - it was used exclusively by the aircraft industry after the outbreak of WW2 - aluminium foregrips were not manufactured and used. MP40s with aluminium foregrips were post war French versions used by the French Army in the colonial wars in Indo-China and Vietnam. Bakelite - an early synthetic plastic developed in 1907 - was easy and fast to produce and the foregrips came in several colours from light to dark brown and almost black. There were also red Bakelite foregrips but these were pretty rare. The leather strap is by BattleGear Toys. Well... back to the work bench again!


Reworked MP40… metal and Bakerlite finish with dust weathered ‘stains’.


Tamiya Weathering Master Sets A, B and C are sets of waxy pastel of different colours like light sand, sand, mud, snow, soot, rust, gun-metal and others. Each set comprises a small plastic container with flip-top cover measuring 80mm x 50mm, divided into three compartments of waxy pastel (25mm x 25mm x 4mm), an applicator with a brush on one end and a foam pad on the other. The foam pad is used for applying the pastels over large areas while the soft haired brush at the other end is used for dry-brushing and cleaning off excess bits of pastel. They aren’t messy and are easy to use, working in layers will build up quite a decent effect. The pastels however don’t appear to be water-resistant though, but that shouldn’t be a problem unless you have sweaty fingers!

Tamiya Weathering Master Sets and application tips

More to come…