WW2 reenactment, Soviet-style!

While researching (internet-trawling!) for WW2 Red Army references, I came across these reenactment articles which I thought would be of great interest for those who are working on their WW2 Red Army figure projects.

In the still images and link, a festival, held traditionally for several years on January 27 near the village of Nikolskoye Tosnensky in the District of Leningrad Oblast, features military reenactment of the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad in WW2. Supported by military reenactment clubs of St. Petersburg, Priozersk, Moscow, Kolomna, Kaliningrad, Kazan, Estonia, Belarus, England, Ireland, Sweden and Finland – in all more than 400 people, they performed to an audience of 20 -30 thousand. Wished I was there!

More images are found here.

Images via Nikolkaya