Visiting the Inimitable Mr. Barton

What would a Summer holiday be in England without meeting up with Tony Barton?

We had a great time, enjoying the mild Yorkshire evening so much that I can’t believe we spent 5 hours talking about flea-bitten hedgehogs, squirrels (Tony calls them ‘tree-rats’), bats, pigeons, nature conservation and sustainability, fawns and bag-pipes, Yorkshire pork pies, fabric, the wool industry in York, mural painting, ‘ping’ food, anthropology and the origins of the English, the Normans, the Germans and the Chinese and Africans, symbolism, tents, African facial features, calipers, 1/6 horses, tea, bendies and man-dollies. And if it wasn’t approaching midnight and the fact that we had to pack and head for Heathrow to fly off the next day, I think we would still be chattering away.

Many thanks Tony for the beautiful display of your 19th Century Victorian-era soldiers and a peek into your ‘massive’ upcoming projects.

Tony demonstrating the fine art of dissecting a Yorkshire pie. The pie was scrumptious.

There were many species of Bendies in the backyard. This one's quite friendly actually.

Dusk approaches and we had interesting company.

Tony shows us a one-of-a-kind vase.

Tony demonstrating how he creates a headsculpt in one minute.

A Bendie gift to my son Russell, see... he's already found a girlfriend!